Lace & Velvet Fun

Ladies, I know you all have seen those lace slip tops, and we’ve all had the thought.. “How would I ever wear this out?” Well here is a mini outfit inspiration. I recently collaborated with a photographer friend of mine and took some shots of an easy, yet super chic and classy outfit.

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5 Things You DON’T Need in Your Everyday Makeup Bag

Hey Lovelies, and thanks for dropping by my blog! Today I was just cleaning out my bag and with that also my everyday makeup bag, and I noticed that I had threw in some unnecessary things! (whoops) But with also the re-organizing and cleaning out, I decided to stick with some basic essentials which would come in handy, and in use! Everyone talks about the “MUST HAVE’S” but today lets get into things you don’t need in there! 

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Lit From Within | Glow Kit Review

Hey Lovelies & thanks for visiting by my blog! Today’s post, if you haven’t already figured, is a mini review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills, Glow Kit (That Glow)! Highlighting has been the BIG thing in make up for quite some time now, and this kit right here, is a beautiful addition to aid the highlighting obsession. I recently got mine from Sephora and I must say, I do not regret this buy! 


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