Spring Basics

Spring is just around the corner and we feel the weather warming up! With the new season coming up, I thought why not change up my makeup look!? Spring happens to be one of my favourite seasons and I am always super excited to be turning away from the cold harsh winters. So I decided to go out and get some new makeup pieces to change up my makeup in sync the new season.

I must say, many makeup brands have gorgeous spring pigments, so it’s one heck of a task to pick just a few (I wanted to get every colour!). However, after trying tons of testers and having my arm look like rainbow, I decided to get a few shades of blusher & nail polish.

I think that the details of makeup really give a fresh look to the overall outcome. I LOVE MY BLUSHES! I find that blush can really give any makeup look a new dimension. With the fresh new season coming in, I decided to move away from the subtle shades of blush I used in the winter. I went in and picked up some bright pigments for my cheeks. The whole idea behind getting such bright tints was to give my overall makeup a fresh, clean look. I purchased 3 different colours of blushes by Revlon.

Flush of Blush


The blushes that I picked up are really lightweight and creamy. They are the cream blushes by Revlon, and you can get them at any drugstore or stores like Walmart or Target. I would say these blushers are high in pigment, and are ready to blend and I love this about them. Along with feeling so light on your skin, they also don’t give a cakey look; rather they look like natural tints on the apples of your cheeks!

essie spring

From Left to Right: WatermelonOle Caliente, Clambake, Guilty Pleasures

Nail Lacquer by Essie! The right nail colour can make you feel all kinds of ways and as a spring detail it is a must! Maybe they all look the same, but I assure they are not. Ranging from light pink to coral reds/oranges, my fingers and toes will be shouting, it’s spring! Essie has got to be one of the few nail polish brands that I vouch for. Picking out just these four took me forever, but I am definitely very satisfied with the colours. These bright colours will be rocking on my fingers and toe nails this spring, and why shouldn’t they? They are sooo vibrant!

Leave me a comment on what your Spring Basics consist of or tag me on Twitter or Instagram of your Spring essentials.

Cheers to the new season;  hope you enjoyed!

xo, Shiv.

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