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Hey Lovelies & thanks for visiting by my blog! Today’s post, if you haven’t already figured, is a mini review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills, Glow Kit (That Glow)! Highlighting has been the BIG thing in make up for quite some time now, and this kit right here, is a beautiful addition to aid the highlighting obsession. I recently got mine from Sephora and I must say, I do not regret this buy! 


The Glow Kit comes with 4 really pretty shades to give you that perfect glow! In this kit we have, Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly, and Dripping in gold. If asked what my favourite is, I don’t think I would be able to answer! I LOVE THEM ALL! 

The product is really easy to blend but is also formulated to help it stick if you were to pack it on the eyelids. All of the shades are light, yet pigmented and metallic. I love that this kit has a yellow tone shade as well as bronze and also two others shades which are champagne-y golden colours. 

Metalics HighlightTHAT GLOW
Since I have started to use this pallet, I normally use the shade sunburst on days when I want to give my makeup a bright look and glow to my face. I will use that to highlight my cheekbones along with the inner corners of my eyes. I am also in love with the golden bronze shade, as it gives my face and makeup a warm look altogether. I would typically be using this shade more, as summer kicks in and I get a tan. Bubbly and Dripping in Gold are my 2 favs for my everyday makeup, specially when I want to keep things simple and subtle but still want to give off the glow. These two shades match with my skin tone well, and using it to highlight my cheekbones and the highpoint of my nose gives me a look with a natural glow. 

All in all, this Glow Kit is my new favourite, from the formula to the shades! The “That Glow” pallet is really good to use in the summer months as you may be getting a little tan on your face, and the colour of the shades in the pallet will help to match with it. Not saying that the Gleam Kit is not good, I mean I did spend 30 minutes trying to decide which one I want, the That Glow Kit is something I would wear more often as I tan. These highlighters are best applied with a fan brush to give you an even look on the cheekbones and high point of the nose.  


So if you’re debating on whether or not to get the Glow Kit, my 2 cents are, that the formula is good & so are the shades, and it can be used for many purposes, may that be highlight, eye shadow or whatever your heart wants it to be. The price is also good for 4 different shades, so if some of these things are your concerns before getting the kit, I hope this review has made the decision process a little easier for you! 

Stay Glowing✨

XO, Shiv

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