Lace & Velvet Fun

Ladies, I know you all have seen those lace slip tops, and we’ve all had the thought.. “How would I ever wear this out?” Well here is a mini outfit inspiration. I recently collaborated with a photographer friend of mine and took some shots of an easy, yet super chic and classy outfit.

Check out his work: INSTAGRAM & WEBSITE

Personally I hate wearing pants, or anything that really just sticks to my skin, and for that reason I especially LOVE culottes. I got mine from Dynamite (last year), but I will leave a link of similar culottes towards the end of this post. My slip top is from H&M and I absolutely love it; it’s so easy to wear and super fun too. I love the navy blue velvet on it, along with the lace of course. 

Anyways here are the outfit details, hope you enjoy them! 😉


Lace Top: Option 1 (Option 2) (Option 3)

Shoes: Michael Kors (similar)

Culottes: (Option 1) (Option 2) (Option 3)


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xo, Shiv.

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