Hair Routine for Straight Hair

Okay, so I like to keep my hair straight for most occasions. One of the main reasons for this is that I have a lot and thick hair. My hair is really dense and it takes a lot of time to take care of if you’re running short on time. So just a couple years ago, I went from LOOONG hair to a medium bob, then another medium bob, then an A-line bob (that is my current hair)! One thing I can say for sure is that taking care of my hair definitely took a little less time after this. Now when it comes to hair routine, I tend not to do anything crazy with it.

Let me start with how often I wash my hair. So usually I will wash my hair depending on how dirty it feels through the week. This can be 2-3 times in a week that I will wash my hair. Because my hair is thick, it does seem to get really oily in about 3 days. So I will wash it when I feel that my hair is greasy. I know you ladies also know this, sometimes you do not have the time to go wash your hair and do a re-run of blow-drying and straightening/curling, I will use dry shampoo for those times. When I wash my hair, I make sure to lather that shampoo from my roots to the ends. I like to keep the shampoo in my hair for about 3-5 minutes so I know it’s working its magic in there. Once the shampoo has done its part, I rinse it out at least twice to make sure all my hair is product free. Then I move on to step 2- conditioning! This has to be my favorite part. Conditioning my hair is really important to me because I feel that it nourishes my hair while also giving it a silky feel, wet or not.  The same time process with the conditioner; keep in the hair for a few minutes, and thoroughly rinse the entire product out! & Say hello your fresh hair, which also smells great!


Once I am out of the shower with my hair wet, I will wrap it around with a towel and let the hair become damp while I get dressed and what not. After I am done my post-shower rituals, I will let my hair free and apply a little pump of my Nexxus Frizz Defy serum. I like to take a little amount of it, but I generally have to take a bit more because of the density of my hair and just apply it throughout, focusing specially on the ends. I have been using this hair serum by Nexxus for as long as I can remember, and it is one of my Holy Grail hair care products. It is a mix of Moroccan Argan oil and coconut extract, both of which are great for the health of hair. I will leave the serum in my hair for about 15 minutes so it can soak up all the oils and just have a mini rejuvenating session. Once I feel that my hair is lightly damp I will move on to the hot tools.

wet hair

Styling time! So now that my hair is still damp and have the oils I need to protect it, I will move on to blow-drying it. I know a lot of people use heat protectants and other hair products to ensure that their hair is not burning, but I tend to stay away from using too many hair products as I think it’s not really healthy to cover the hair with tons of chems.  So I start by blowdrying my hair. I tend to start from the back and the bottom sections of my hair and make my way up to the top and front. The blow dryer I use is by NuMe; to give me that frizz-free blow out I love. I start from the root and go all the way to the ends and make sure every strand is dry!



You know that nozzle that comes with your blow dryer that looks like a duckbill? Don’t forget about it; use it to concentrate the airflow to the section of the hair you are focusing on. 

Next I move on to straightening my hair. I like to get my straightening done quickly so I use high heat. And this I know will damage my hair, so I will use my straighten gel (Alternative, because mine is old) by TRESemme and just take a small amount (the size of the tip of my finger) and evenly distribute it, focusing mainly on the ends. Once the protectant is in my hair, I will section my hair up and start straightening from the lower sections of the back. The straightener I use is also by NuMe. I actually got it as part of a set just about 6 months ago; in it came, the 3inOne Curling wand set and a straightener. I will set it on the highest heat setting and go about running it through small sections of my hair.



When you apply any protective product to your hair, make sure to focus it in the ends your hair. Your ends are the oldest parts of your hair and prone to being easily damaged, and therefore leading to the one thing we hate most; SPILT ENDS! 

Once every section is complete I will play around with it and part my hair the way I want, and just re-run the straightener on the parts of my hair that will frame my face.

I hope this hair routine helps you with yours! If you liked this, subscribe to my blog for more!  (Form in the side bar) 

xo, Shiv.

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  1. Hey,

    I used to use the tres eme straightening gel, it was the best I ever used. So soft and shiny. But they no longer make this gel. Just wondering what product you use now. You have lovely hair.


    1. Hey, Sasha!
      I also use the Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm by Got2b! It makes your hair look shiny and adds a little bounce to it making it look really healthy!

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